Episode 01: ADD Nutrition Client Experience with Bailey Palmer

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Episode Show Notes:

During the first episode of the Add Nutrition podcast, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova discuss the goal of the podcast and the mission of their business, Add Nutrition. When you approach nutrition with the positive mindset of what you can add to your diet versus what you have to take away, you eliminate the feelings of restriction and negativity. With this new way of thinking, you can develop a healthy lifestyle that’s actually sustainable.

Shalena speaks with Bailey Palmer about her experience as a client. Bailey shares her lifestory about struggling with weight since she was a child, developing an eating disorder in college, and her ongoing struggle with fad diets. She shares her experience of meeting with Shalena the first time, her skepticism about the program, and the change of mindset that occurred over time.

Today, Bailey still considers herself a work in progress, but she has gained freedom over food. She no longer struggles with her eating disorder nor does she binge to the point of guilt. She is happier than ever, and her goals have shifted to working on herself and building good habits rather than trying to look skinny.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the podcast
  • Adding vs. restricting
  • Focusing on healthy habits
  • Client story with Bailey Palmer
  • And other topics…


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