Episode 02: We Are Not Macro Coaches

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Episode Show Notes:

Focus on your actions, what you can do, and building healthy habits, regardless of what the scale says. You can either be stuck in a cycle for the rest of your life or be pulled out of that cycle. We prefer this sustainable approach to nutrition that puts our clients in the driver’s seat and is less focused on counting macros or calories.

That’s not to say that there is never a time when tracking macros isn’t of benefit, but that is not the approach we take here. We are not macro coaches. We work with lifestyle clients who want to make sustainable changes to their weight through healthy habits and long-term changes. It’s important to us to meet our clients where they are and build on the sustainable changes they know they can make.

In this episode, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova discuss the differences between macro coaches and lifestyle coaches, what their roles as coaches are, and how they prioritize creating individual nutrition plans for their clients. They also touch on the pros and cons of tracking macros, including when it is a great tool and how it can lead to disordered eating.

In This Episode:

  • What it’s like to work with a macro coaches
  • What can happen when you give lifestyle clients too strict nutrition parameters
  • What your role as a coach is
  • Why you need to meet your clients where they are
  • Why we want your ever-after pictures
  • Why you don’t want your clients completely reliant on you
  • How we help create an individual plan that works for you
  • The power of making smaller habit changes that your client chooses to make
  • When macro coaching is a great tool
  • How macro tracking can cause disordered eating habits

Resources Mentioned:

  • Listen to The Add Nutrition Podcast on Anchor
  • Our Website
  • Instagram: @add_nutrition @the_addition_dietitian @redfitforever

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