Episode 06: Competitive Fitness Facts with Desb

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Episode Show Notes:

The competitive fitness world is one of tight schedules, strict macros, and transformation photos. Our guest, Desb, shares some of her best tips from inside the competitive fitness world and what it’s like on the other side of that journey. She shares what steps she took during her body image transformation when she stopped competing and how she relearned her relationship with food and her body. She also details the three biggest mindset shifts that occurred during her transition period: being present, seeing and honoring your body for what it truly is, and that you don’t have to take progress photos.

Des Pfeifer, better known as Desb, is an online fitness coach, host of the Brunch with Desb podcast, mom of two, and lover of all things life. She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and pre- and post-natal certified trainer. She has attained her IFBB Pro Card as a bikini competitor but now enjoys fitness and life. Desb’s passion is helping others discover self-care, love of life, and even embracing the suck.

In this episode, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova are joined by Desb talk about how Desb got into competitive fitness and what that journey looked like for her. Desb shares how time passed, and life just changed for her when she got pregnant, but she wondered what was next. Desb opens up about her experience as an Instagram fitness influencer and how transitioning away from competitive fitness was scary, but her audience has embraced all of who she is and honored her journey. Finally, Desb shares what she would do differently if she started competing again today, with maturity, experience, and the knowledge she has from her first time around.

In This Episode:

  • How Desb got into competing and what that journey looked like
  • Why you have to relearn your relationship with your body and with food
  • The three biggest mindset shifts that occur during transition periods
  • The idea that you don’t always have to take the progress photos
  • How Desb would approach competing differently knowing what she knows now
  • Some tips to reach a healthy set point

Resources Mentioned:

  • Desb Instagram
  • Desb YouTube
  • Desb TikTok
  • Brunch with Desb Podcast on Spotify
  • Listen to The Add Nutrition Podcast on Anchor
  • Our Website
  • Instagram: @add_nutrition⁠ @the_addition_dietitian⁠ @redfitforever⁠

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