Episode 05: Strength Training for Women with Andrew Sayler

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Episode Show Notes:

We use strength for everything, from picking up the groceries and the laundry basket to picking up our kids, carrying them around, and playing with them. Regular strength training keeps your bones strong, prevents the development of osteoarthritis, keeps your Basal Metabolic Rate high, improves your cognitive development, increases your confidence, and so much more. We’re joined by Andrew Sayler, an Online Strength and Nutrition Coach, to discuss everything women need to know about strength training.

Andrew Sayler specializes in helping men develop muscle, lose excess body fat, improve their energy levels, develop healthier daily habits, and still be able to enjoy the foods that were put on this planet to enjoy. Andrew helps people take back control of their bodies, minds, and lives as a whole. He says nothing is more important than continuously developing your strength from the inside out.

In this episode, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova are joined by Andrew Sayler to discuss the benefits of strength training, the importance of a supportive gym and community, and how to work through that feeling of intimidation so many of us feel at the gym. Our key takeaways from this episode are to ask for help, endure the learning process, get okay with being uncomfortable, hire a qualified and experienced coach, and build a consistent strength training routine.

In This Episode:

  • What the benefits of strength training are
  • Some advice if you’re new to strength training
  • Why consistency with your movements is more important than switching up your routine
  • How someone can break through gym intimidation
  • How to know you have a great gym and gym community
  • This world would be a lot better if we all learned how to prioritize taking care of ourselves and improving our strength

Resources Mentioned:

  • Find Andrew Sayler on Instagram
  • Call Andrew Sayler on 551-804-5143
  • Listen to The Add Nutrition Podcast on Anchor
  • Our Website
  • Instagram: @add_nutrition @the_addition_dietitian @redfitforever

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