Episode 03: Weight Loss Supplements, Detox and Cleanses

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Episode Show Notes:

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements for weight loss supplements. But do they work? The short answer is no, though you may have some short-term success when you first start using them. They are expensive, unsustainable, and not a great long-term source of the nutritional benefits they claim to provide.

Weight loss supplements are a billion-dollar industry, but it’s an industry that preys on our insecurities. There are four common categories of supplements: stimulants, appetite suppressants, fiber detoxes, and nutrient absorption. Supplements are full of often unnaturally high levels of nutrients that you can easily get from your diet. Caffeine, magnesium, and fiber are the most common.

In this episode, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova discuss the realities of the weight loss supplement industry. From the ingredients in the most common supplements to how they actually “work,” you’ll come away with more understanding of the industry. They also talk about the dangers associated with taking supplements and why they’re not sustainable.

In This Episode:

  • The four most common categories of supplements
  • How stimulants aid you in weight loss and what’s in them
  • What the most used stimulant is
  • What the most common appetite suppressants are
  • What you need to know about fiber and detox supplements
  • How to get the nutrients you need through your diet
  • What happens when you take too much of one nutrient
  • Why your body needs to absorb fat
  • The dangers with supplements

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