Episode 04: Stop Overcomplicating Your Nutrition

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Episode Show Notes:

Nutrition is simple. It’s all the misinformation out there that makes it seem complicated. We wanted to break down our top tips on how to simplify your nutrition plan and make achieving optimal health easier and more achievable for you. From how to start making changes to your nutrition and what a balanced plate looks like to what the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables actually are and when to use convenience foods, this episode will break down some of those massive food myths and misconceptions.

Firstly, it’s important to find out what works for you. You need to tailor your nutrition plan to who you are and what works for you as an individual. This means you can’t compare what you need with what your friend eats – bodies aren’t the same, and we don’t respond to food the same way. When you start making changes, remember that you don’t need to make all your nutrition changes at once. Focus on what you can add, not what you restrict or take away.

In this episode, hosts April Dirteater and Shalena Casanova share their tips for simplifying your nutrition plan. Don’t overcomplicate nutrition. Start by looking at your daily intake with a nutrition audit. Don’t compare your diet to someone else’s. Start incorporating new foods slowly; you don’t need to rush your nutrition change. Remember that patience is the key to sustainable, long-term change.

In This Episode:

  • Why your nutrition plan needs to be individualized
  • What causes the spread of misinformation
  • How to use a diet audit
  • How to start incorporating healthier foods
  • What happens when you start increasing healthier food
  • What a balanced plate looks like
  • What the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables are
  • When to use convenience foods
  • How to increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Resources Mentioned:

  • Listen to The Add Nutrition Podcast on Anchor
  • Our Website
  • Instagram: @add_nutrition @the_addition_dietitian @redfitforever

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